Dialogue of Expression (By Fetty & Lulu/ 8E)

Dialogue about Expression
(By: Fetty Ghaessani P. P. & Lulu Auliya Andrian)

Fetty     : Hi. What are you doing here?
Lulu      : Hi. I just spend my holiday here. You? 
Fetty     : Me too. With whom you go to here?
Lulu      : With my cousin.
Fetty     : Really1?
Lulu      : Yeah sure. What about you2?
Fetty     : I go with my parent and my both sisters.
Lulu      : Where do you stay?
Fetty     : At the hotel, on the 28th floor.
Lulu      : Wow really25? How do you feel about that hotel3?
Fetty     : Yeah I think it's so amazing4, the room is very big and tidy. What about you5?  
Lulu      : I'm stay in my aunt's house. Mmm, look! That's my aunt's house.
Fetty     : Hmm I think no too far from here6.
Lulu     : Yeah I agree with you7. My aunt has so many children. Guess what? She has 9 children, 
               7 boys and 2 girls. The boys are very annoying. I stay in the room with my 4 cousins
Fetty     : Mmm.. I think your holiday will be bad8.
Lulu     : No, I dont think so9. The view is very good. If you go out, you can see eiffel tower      
               clearly. Would you like to come10?
Fetty     : Yes, certainly11.
Lulu      : Ok let's go.
In Lulu's aunt's house...
Lulu      : Come in.
Fetty     : ok.
Lulu      : Wait a minute. I will take a lunch. Can you help me to bring some food12?
Fetty     : sure13. Hei, what is this? I never seen it before.
Lulu     : Oh this is Croque Monsieur and Bouillabaisse Soup. my aunt makes it special for you.
Fetty     : Really14? thanks.  Can I help you to clean up the table15?
Lulu      : No, thanks16.
Fetty     : Mmm can you give me some drinks17?
Lulu      : Sure. Here you are.18
Fetty     : What's this? Its not like mineral water.
Lulu      : Yeah that's true.19 This is a wine. Try it.
Fetty     : No, thanks20. I don’t like it.
Lulu      : Really21? mm okay I'll give you mineral water.
Fetty     : Thanks. This food is very delicious. Your aunt is very good at cooking22.
Lulu      : Haha. Hei look back. That is the eiffel tower. Looks beautiful from here, right?
Fetty     : Yeah that's true23. Fantastic !
Lulu      : Haha.
Fetty     : Ok. I think I must go home now. thank you so much for everything.
Lulu      : Why?
Fetty     : Tomorrow I will go to Japan, and I do not want to miss it
Lulu      : Really?24 Ok.
Fetty     : See you next time. Bye
Lulu      : Bye

1           : Respond to a statement
2           : Asking for opinions
3           : Asking for opinions
4           : Giving opinions
5           : Asking for opinions
6           : Giving opinions
7           : Saying agreement
8           : Giving opinions
9           : Decline an opinion
10      : Invite Someone
11      : Accepting an invitation
12      : Asking for a help
13      : Giving a help
14      : Respond to a statement
15      : Giving a help
16      : Rejecting a help
17      : Asking for items
18      : Giving for items
19      : Saying agreement
20      : Rejectin a help
21      : Respond to a statement
22      : Compliment someone
23      : Saying agreement
24      : Respond to a statement
25      : Respond to a statement

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