Dialogue of Expression (By Septiana & Vonny/ 8E)

 Dialogue about Expression 
by Vonny & Septiana (8E)
Vonny: hey !
Ibah   : hey Vonny !how are you?
Vonny: fine. Thank’s,and you?
Ibah   : fine too. What are you doing here?
Vonny: I am buying some movie CD.
Ibah   : is it horror?
Vonny: no. This is about detective. His name is conan
Ibah   : really? what do you think about this movie?
Vonny: I’ do not really know about this movie but i think it’s cool.and you?
Ibah   : ouh, I think this is very interesting.
Vonny: Bah, what movie do you like? maybe we can find it?
Ibah   : wow ! it’s good idea. i like twilight movies. Can I have that book beside you?
Vonny: oh take this book.,let’s go to the casier?  Do you agree if we go to a restaurant?
 Iba    : ya,why not?
Vonny: What would you like to eat?
Ibah   : just spagetti, you?
Vonny: fried fries and tea. let me give you some drink?
Ibah   : no,thank you.
Vonny: oh ok, after eating, can you come to my house?
Ibah   : oh oke, I will come. And I will pay it
Vonny: eh,what are you feelings about my new shoes?
Ibah   : in my opinion, it’s too big.
Vonny: I don’t think so, I think this shoes fits in my feet.
Ibah   : eh Vonny,  can you help me,something?
Vonny: What can i do to help, you?
Ibah   : I want to call my father.
Vonny: that’s very kind of you, but ...I don’t have handphone.
Ibah   : oh it’s oke. But I can’t come to your house. I’m sorry
Vonny: oh allright, What about next week?
Ibah   : I like it, bye
Vonny: bye

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