Contoh membuat kalimat sesuai grammar

Contoh membuat kalimat sesuai tense/grammar:

1) Simple Past Tense

S + tobe  + O/Adverb/Adjective (C) 

1.      I was a Senior High School student 
2.      He was a lazy boy in my class last year.
3.      It was a famous building.

S + V2/ed + O 

1.      The cat ate the mouse
2.      The Engineer built a textile factory in 1995.
3.      Mrs. Tono taught Mathematics in SMA.

3) Past Continuous Tense (sedang berlangsung)

[+] S + tobe + V-ing + O

1.      The Boss was monitoring our work
2.      Herlin was wearing a blue uniform yesterday.
3.      The worker were running a big strike

5) Past Prefect Tense (telah)

S + [had + V3/ed] + O or  S + (had+been) + O

1.      Agnes Monica had released three albums last year.
2.      Mama Laurent had died yesterday.
3.      Mbah Surip had sung a song “ Tak Gendong”

7) Past Future Tense

S + [modal + V1] + O or S + (modal+be) + O

       Could,  Etc

1.      We would go to mall last night if you did not come.
2.      I would have three pigeons if you didn’t take one.
3.      She might be late in the meeting

2) Simple Present Tense

S + tobe + O/Adverb/Adjective 

1.      She is an English teacher
2.      He is a clever student.
3.      It is a big building.

S + V1 s/es + O 

1.  The cat eats the mouse.
2.  They build two companies.
3.  Ms. Ayuk teaches English in SMP.

4) Present Continuous Tense (sedang berlangsung)

S + tobe + V-ing + O

      Am, is

1.      Mother is sewing my dress.
2.      Students are doing English test today.
3.      The dog is sleeping

6) Present Prefect Tense (telah)

S + [has/have + V3/ed] + O or  S + (has/have+been) + O

1.      Afgan has sung three songs.
2.      My teachers have given some home works.
3.      Sule has played a funny role in sinetron: Awas Ada Sule10..

8) Present Future Tense

S + [modal + V1] + O or S + (modal+be) + O

       Can, etc
1.      I will buy a computer, if I have much money.
2.      Edy must obey his parents.
We will make a big tart tonight.

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